Aleph One Marathon flatpak

You probably should use the offical flatpaks instead! Get them here.

Flatpak Repo signed by gitlab-runner@leb gpg key, FBEF43DC8C6BE9A7

For most people the difference between these two won't matter. Both bundle the game engine, but the individual games use flatpak's 'extra-data' feature to get the game data from Aleph One's github releases at install time. I am not distributing the game data. The individual games will have 3 icons in your program launcher, and the launcher is a separate program that will download the game data and run the games. No real difference, really.

For the games as individual applications:

sudo flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists alephone

sudo flatpak install alephone org.lhowon.alephone.marathon1 -y

sudo flatpak install alephone org.lhowon.alephone.marathon2 -y

sudo flatpak install alephone org.lhowon.alephone.marathon3 -y

For a launcher+engine+game downloader:

sudo flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists alephonelauncher

sudo flatpak install com.elagost.alephone-launcher -y

You'll need Flathub repo for the runtimes.

Links: Source code, contact me (bug reports etc)

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